Capturing Life’s Moments: Solidifying The Fact That Professional Photography Is Worth It.

I am usually the one snapping the pictures and I love being able to capture all of the special moments in life. Whether it is wedding photography or family photography, there are split seconds that capture something you can never get back. This is why I do what I do. In previous blogs, I have talked about this and how you will be able to re-live and cherish that moment over and over.

Well just a few weeks ago, I ended up in front of the camera with a friend of mine capturing these moments for me.

I GOT ENGAGED! (to a wonderful man that I can’t wait to marry)

He planned a whole day where we ended up at this place called Whimsic Alley in LA. (Side note: we are HUGE Harry Potter fans). We shopped around and eventually he told me that I just HAD to check out the bathrooms. I rolled my eyes at his request, but figured that because this place was extravagantly themed, it might be pretty cool. Near these must-see bathrooms, there was an area that had Platform 9 ¾ and a mural of the Hogwarts castle. After I checked out these not-so-must-see-bathrooms, he and I took a few pictures next to the Platform and mural. The Sorting Hat was sitting right there and after he asked if I thought he could pull the Sword of Gryffindor out of it, he said, “Well this is gonna have to do.” He pulled out my ring and got down on one knee. **Cue the tears and excitement with the realization that I get to marry the man of my prayers** As he was down on one knee, my friend snuck out of the other bathroom and was able to capture the whole event.

I cannot even begin to express how grateful that I am that Steve (my man) gave me the gift of being able to relive that moment over and over! I never want to forget how I felt in that moment and having a physical copy of those emotions in the form of pictures, is something that I will forever cherish. When I am 35 with a kid on the hip and three others waging World War III in my living room, I can take a second and remember that moment which started this wonderfully hectic life. When I am 47 and wondering if Steve and I will make it through this dark time, I can take these photos and remember my first love for the man lying next to me in bed. When I am 79 and wondering what I have accomplished with my life, I can look back at that moment and remember that I learned to love. When I am 85 and wondering how much time I will have left with Steve, I can look back and shed a tear over the beauty of every single one of these pictures.

This my friends is why photography is so important.

Just two weeks later, I got to return the favor and photograph a proposal. The groom-to-be called me and was just so excited. He knew that no matter what he did, he had to get a professional photographer there. It was so fun seeing it from his point of view! I showed up at a beautiful golf course in Temecula where he had already planned for someone to take me to the hole where he was getting down on one knee. After several nervous texts and lots of planning, it was Game Time! He got down on one knee and made the love of his life his fiancé. It was beautiful because they were both caught up in the moment and so in love. Through both of these experiences, I was able to solidify the fact that the gift of professional photography can never be replaced.

Would love to hear your engagement stories in the comments below!

Thanks for reading and remember me for all your Inland Empire photography needs. Cheers!