Growing love

I have two wonderful friends who I had the opportunity to photograph last week. This is Noe and Vivian. They are lovely people to be around and just have joy exuding from them. They are a prime example of why I love capturing couples (dating, engaged, or married). When two people enter into a relationship knowing that their prime purpose is to serve one another, it is a beautiful thing! The look exchanged in a moment that showcases this love. The smiles and laughs that are exchanged are so natural and exciting. When one will look at the other with complete adoration, it is something that cannot be reproduced in Photoshop. All of these things are examples of reasons that I love LOVE!

I get the pleasure to capturing all of these moments and creating a piece of art that these two people will be able to look back on for the rest of their lives. These frozen moments is what we all live for and something that makes going through this world worth it. I am so blessed to be able to give this gift to other people. Yay for love and yay for the people who work on their own relationships to maintain this commitment to serving one another.