How to choose and work with your wedding photographer

When many couples get engaged they are catapulted into a whirlwind of decisions that they have to make. They have to decide if they want roses or sunflower. If they want an outside reception or an inside reception. If they want an isle runner or no isle runner. If they want to invite Uncle Tom twice removed, but if they don’t they will cause family drama. I have found that as couples are running this marathon of decisions, they want the most help they can get, but at the same time, they want their voices to be heard. As a wedding photographer, I try to give them just that. Choosing a photographer can be a daunting task in and of its own, but this post is attempting to help all those starry eyed couples out there with how to choose and work with a wedding photographer.

1. Decide your needs. You must decide what kind of photographers you want. Do you want more options of prints? Do you want more options of digitals? How many hours do you want the photographer to cover? What style are you looking for? What is your budget? All of these things should narrow your search of the type of photographer you are looking for. As an individual, I love getting many pictures back from a shoot and obsessively looking through them and drooling over every picture, so I would look for someone who gives out more digitals. I love natural light, so I would look for a natural light photographer. Even though I run a business and appreciate every single one of my clients, if our visions of perfection are not the same, then neither of us will walk away happy.

2. Meet your photographer. This one is so important. Even if you are out of town, make it a priority to have a Skype meeting or some sort of verbal contact. This is vital because on your wedding day, the last thing the groom (and let’s face it), more importantly the bride needs to be worrying about on that day is if you are going to get along with the person that is capturing your milestone day. Getting along with your photographer cannot be understated. You want to feel at ease an comfortable on your day. If you aren’t, your pictures will show it!

3. Have a plan (and stick to it). A seasoned wedding photographer should know how a normal wedding day runs and they should ask you all the questions before the day of, but if you spring a first look on the photographer on that day, it can be very problematic. The wedding photographer is not only coordinating with you as a couple, but they are also trying to please the venue with their time management skills. Like I said, this is a big responsibility of the photographer, but be open and precise in your communication.

4. Enjoy your day. The more you enjoy your day, the more we get to capture! So smile and soak it in, because the moments you miss in your whirlwind, are the moments you get to look back on the pictures and say “Oh yea! I remember Uncle Tom twice removed line dancing to Cupid Shuffle.” I hope this helped and gives everyone out there a better idea of how to approach choosing a wedding photographer! If there are any more questions, I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Cheers!