It's a small world

Today I had the pleasure to take engagement pictures of Danielle and Kevin. Funny story, this coupled contacted me to photograph their wedding in the High Desert. I was instantly curious because I went to middle school and high school in the High Desert. This isn’t a very large place so I wondered if I knew the couple, but didn’t recognize the name. When we sat down for our meeting, it turns out that the Danielle and I went to the same school! What a small world! I loved meeting these two and it didn’t take long to see the love that these two share.

We got to the location and as we got ready to make the walk to the train tracks (That are out of commission. No need to worry.), Kevin said, “Ready to rock?” Danielle responded with an enthusiastic YES and that exactly what they did. They rocked the engagement session. They put up with a walk to the tracks, blazing hot sun and let me pose them, all while looking quite picturesque. Danielle was still so excited to show off her beautiful ring and the two exchanged many laughs, a few of which I got to capture in pictures. I can’t wait to take the pictures at their cute backyard wedding.