Nothing better than a smiling baby...

Let's start this with: I LOVE KIDS! They make me so happy. They are so carefree and love unconditionally. You can't tell me that when you are having a bad day and a kid comes up to you and tells you they love you for no reason, that that hasn't made your attitude do a 180. Infants are just as precious! Their job is to eat, poop, and be merry. I love that smiling is inherently natural for a human being. It just brings so much joy and hope to this world.

I got the chance to capture the smiles of little Oakley! As his shirt indicates, he is a total cuddle bug! He would make eye contact with his mom and his face would light up. This past weekend was his mom's first Mother's Day and what a gift this little man is. His completely natural love for his mom made me so thankful for my mom and everything that she has done for me. While I am in my 20s, Oakley and his parents are just starting their journey. I wish them many blessings and that Oakley will always smile when he looks at his mom. Even when he is a big, tough man navigating life.

I hope these photos bring you as much joy as they bring me and just because Mother's Day has passed doesn't mean your job as a child is done. Go hug your mom for no reason other than to tell her that you love her and that you appreciate her laying down her own life to better your own.