Prints Versus The Digital Image

When looking for wedding photographers, whether you search for Inland Empire wedding photography or Temecula wedding photography or California wedding photography , you will find many business models out there. Two of the most common are either print based or digital image based.

Print based means that when you order a package from that photographer, you are getting primarily prints to hang up on your walls. These photographers make the argument that digital images just get lost and put on a computer somewhere and forgotten. Photos that are treasured should be displayed for all to see in their home. Plus as a photographer, you work REALLY hard on these pictures and when someone just forgets about your pictures, it hurts!

While all of these things are true, these photographers are charging a pretty penny for these prints as well. As the client you only get a very limited amount of pictures and have to pay if you want more. While these prints are very high quality and the photographer spent a lot of effort on that picture, I do not think that people should be limited on the pictures they received just because I feel my pictures should be displayed on their walls.

I believe that people cherish their pictures no matter what form they come in. I mean who is really going to forget about their wedding pictures? I know some people who pull their wedding photos out every so often just to relive the day. With the digital image, you have so much more freedom than a print. With a print, you can buy a frame and hang it on your wall. With a digital picture, you can print it and hang it on your wall. You can post it on every social media account you have. You can email it to relatives and friends halfway around the world. You can have it as a screensaver on your phone. All of those things are enjoying the picture I worked so hard on for you in your everyday life and I couldn’t ask for more.

The second part of this is that I do not want to limit you. Photographers who rely heavily on prints tend to give fewer pictures back because there are more costs in the product. Who am I to limit your day? Who am I to limit your memories? If I were a consumer, I would want every single little detail of my day. I wouldn’t want to miss something simply because my photographer wouldn’t give it to me.

This is why I give out some prints, but I mostly rely on digital images for my business. If I wouldn’t pay for a print that expensive, I am not going to make you pay that much. If I want more pictures than not, I am going to give you more pictures. There is a place for everything and prints may be for some people, but I do not want to limit my clients from reliving every part of their day!

Would love to hear your thoughts on prints and digital images below. What is your preference and why?

Thanks for reading and remember me for all your Inland Empire wedding photography needs. Cheers!