Why should I make the investment in photography?

Many people face sticker shock when they look at prices for photography for their special day. I am here to explain why you should make the investment.

1. You will never get that day or moment back.

Specifically for a wedding day, people spend hours and HOURS planning the perfect day. There are so many details that you plan, that when it comes down to the day there are many tings you will miss in the blur of that day. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people say “I feel like I missed so many things on that day because there was just so much going on.” Pictures are there for you to remember every detail. And every precious moment. Do you want to remember the moment when the flower girl was smiling so big as she proudly dropped those pedals? Do you want to remember the grooms face the moment he first sees his bride? Do you want to remember everyone cracking up when Uncle Bob made a funny joke during his toast? These are all moments that should not be forgotten and should be treasured. You should be able to go back and look at your pictures to relive each of these moments.

2. Tomorrow is never promised.

Think of all of those moments I just listed. Well as sad as it is, tomorrow is never promised. I have had several clients thank me for capturing what may be the last sweet moments of their loved ones in a family setting. Instead of looking at this in a sad fashion, you can look at it that people and moments will be remembered in a positive light surrounded by the people they love.

3. Not everyone with a fancy camera is a trained professional.

This one is a hard one for people to get their head around, because while a fancy camera takes better pictures than a point and shoot, that does not the person behind the lens knows how to use it. Professionals take time to refine their craft. They practice, they take classes. They strive to become better with every shoot. I know that people may be looking for cheaper prices and decide to go with their cousin who just got a SLR for Christmas, but for the reasons stated above, would you rather trust a trained professional or your cousin who has no experience?


All of this being said, I don’t think people who are more strapped on cash than others should be denied the opportunity to have their day captured, so that is why I keep my prices affordable. I hope this helps explain why you should make an investment in your wedding photography. If you have any more questions or want to know more, leave a comment below and I would love to chat. Cheers!