Why Should You Do an Engagement Session?

So you are engaged and not rollin' in the dough? Right? I get it. Trust me. I am planning a wedding of my own, but I would never skip out on an engagement session to pinch pennies and here is why:

1. You need to feel comfortable with your photographer.

You hired a photographer to capture your wedding day and so that’s what this is, business. However, on your wedding day don’t you want to be at ease around the person who will spend the entirety of the day with you? Think about it….the flower lady comes and goes; the DJ is there for a couple of hours; the cake guy just drops his stuff off, but your wedding photographer is spending the WHOLE day with you. You don’t want it to feel like that awkward first date when it is one of the happiest days of your life.

2. You need to understand their style.

Obviously you have already looked over your photographers work inside and out, but the engagement session is like a trial run. Unless you have seen complete sessions from this photographer, you are only seeing the best of the best on their website. This shows their talent and capacity, but a pose on another couple may not be right for you and you can take this session to work out those kinks.

3. You get to have fun!

On your wedding day, there is a different agenda than there is in an engagement session. Have you ever wished you could have an UP themed photoshoot with you and your beau? Have you always love the 1920s? Do you want more pictures to have framed up on your wall and to put as your phone screensaver? You get to have fun in your engagement session. I don’t know a single photographer who would not squeal with joy if their clients asked them to do a themed engagement session. This is where all of your personality without the pressures of a big day get to come out. Even if you are simpler people and want to take a hike in jeans and a t-shirt. You get to be you.

All of this being said, it is important when you are making the decisions on where to pinch those pennies, that an engagement session is not left out. You will feel better about your decision and if there are any speed bumps that come up, wouldn’t you go over them before your wedding day?

As photographers, we are here to serve you and I hope that this helps you in your photography decisions. I’m sure my fiancé would say “Indiana Jones Theme,” but I would love to hear your dream themed photoshoots!

Thanks for reading and remember me for all your Inland Empire photography needs. Cheers!