It's a small world

Today I had the pleasure to take engagement pictures of Danielle and Kevin. Funny story, this coupled contacted me to photograph their wedding in the High Desert. I was instantly curious because I went to middle school and high school in the High Desert. This isn’t a very large place so I wondered if I knew the couple, but didn’t recognize the name. When we sat down for our meeting, it turns out that the Danielle and I went to the same school! What a small world! I loved meeting these two and it didn’t take long to see the love that these two share.

Growing love

I have two wonderful friends who I had the opportunity to photograph last week. This is Noe and Vivian. They are lovely people to be around and just have joy exuding from them. They are a prime example of why I love capturing couples (dating, engaged, or married). When two people enter into a relationship knowing that their prime purpose is to serve one another, it is a beautiful thing! The look exchanged in a moment that showcases this love. The smiles and laughs that are exchanged are so natural and exciting.