Nothing better than a smiling baby...

Let's start this with: I LOVE KIDS! They make me so happy. They are so carefree and love unconditionally. You can't tell me that when you are having a bad day and a kid comes up to you and tells you they love you for no reason, that that hasn't made your attitude do a 180. Infants are just as precious! Their job is to eat, poop, and be merry. I love that smiling is inherently natural for a human being. It just brings so much joy and hope to this world.

Taking my next step

Hello friends! This is my first blog on my brand spankin new website. I am so blessed to be taking the next step in this journey. I have been doing photography for almost 2 years as a professional. During that time, I have met some amazing people and have learned so many things. This all just started out as a hobby of mine and before I could say otherwise, I was snapping pictures of families, weddings, newborns, and engagements. I have been a second shooter for several weddings and portrait sessions under my dear friend Camarie.